Brad Pitt Believes Angelina Jolie Will ‘Stop At Nothing’ To ‘Ruin His Name’ After New Abuse Allegations

Brad Pitt was left “sick to his stomach” following the new round of allegations made by his ex, Angelina Jolie, according to Us Weekly. The publication’s sources claim that Brad, 58, hates that Angie, 47, has accused him of being physically and emotionally abusive towards him and their six children, all part of their ongoing legal battle over the Chateau Miraval winery. Brad “maintains [that] it’s lies and that Angelina will stop at nothing to ruin his name,” Us Weekly reports.

The allegations arose in the first week of October, with the Maleficent actress claiming that negotiations over the sale of the French winery had broken down after Brad allegedly demanded she signed a non-disclosure agreement prohibiting from speaking about the “physical and emotional abuse” that she alleged occurred in 2016. “At the end of the day, he and Angelina seem destined to fight each other for the rest of their lives, or at least until the kids are grown up and there’s nothing left for them to contest,” claims Us Weekly’s source. “It’s a tragic, toxic situation where neither of them is willing to budge.”

“Brad has owned everything he’s responsible for from day one- unlike the other side – but he’s not going to own anything he didn’t do,” Brad’s attorney tells HollywoodLife in a statement. “He has been on the receiving end of every type of personal attack and misrepresentation. Thankfully, the various public authorities the other side has tried to use against him over the past six years have made their own independent decisions. Brad will continue to respond in court as he has consistently done.”

Angelina claimed that Brad had “physical and verbal outburst” during a 2016 transatlantic flight. In the new court documents, Angelina’s team alleged that Brad “grabbed Jolie by the head and shook her” in the airplane bathroom, before he pushed her against the wall. One of the children allegedly came to Brad’s defense, which supposedly caused an incident where Brad allegedly “choked one of his children and struck another.”

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