Brave GH Lady Fights Phone-Snatcher, Overpowers Him And Gets Her Phone Back

A trending video on the internet gives a vivid account of a girl fighting a robber who tried to snatch her phone.

The CCTV camera in the area captured the moment the “kwashey” guy rode his motorbike towards the woman, got down and started attacking the poor lady.

The lady, out of apprehension, yelled as she tried so hard to allow him to have her handbag.

The desperate robber had to hit her to the ground as he reached into his bag for the phone. He later jumped back onto the motorbike to ride away.

However, the lady also hopped onto the motorbike as she held the shirt of the robber firmly in her grip.

As hard as the robber tried to speed off in a bid to throw her off, the lady did not budge. She held onto the shirt until she was able to overpower the robber.

Eventually, the guys in the area had to come to the spot where the brave lady had the robber under her control. The poor robber had to apologize as the guys manhandled him.

Watch below.

The lady has been praised for her bravery.

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