“I’m Going Back Home To Find A Man, Singleness Is Killing Me” : UK Woman Cries

A woman in the UK has sobbed about being alone.

She claimed that she was no longer able to handle the extended periods of time spent alone without a male to cuddle with or have a private moment with.

According to the Nigerian woman in a video, she did not expect the loneliness she would experience while moving.

She then disclosed that she would like to return home and find a partner who could assist her in overcoming her singleness. Many women in the UK have to deal with this predicament.

“Single ladies come! Let us talk. So I have finalized it. I’ve decided. I’m going to Lagos, Nigeria to find my man.

I am tired of the men in this town.

You find one that is attractive, but they have nothing to offer. Fine boy, empty pockets! And then you find the one with a full pocket and a little bit of something to offer; not good-looking and he is still disrespectful! Those ones are actually the most disrespectful. They’re so disrespectful!

And then you now find the one that is, you know, still a bit good-looking, has something to offer, and is STILL DISRESPECTFUL. They even have a wife or longtime girlfriend or relationship and they’re still so disrespectful like… You know what? It is not done by E.

Ladies! Single ladies, let’s go, let’s go! “Our future partner is in Nigeria,” she said.


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