PHOTOS Of A Beautiful Lady Who Works As A Mechanic Go Viral

A beautiful Ghanaian lady named Priscilla Amoah has gone viral on the internet after photos of her working as an automatic mechanic landed on social media.

Apparently, Priscilla Amoah is a student at Koforidua Technical University and studying automotive engineering to become an aerospace engineer in the future.

These inspiring yet daring pictures were first shared on LinkedIn by Edward Asare who captioned them as;

“Meet the female “fitter”, Akuba The Engineer. She is Priscilla Amoah. She’s currently pursuing automotive engineering at the Koforidua Technical University. Her goal is to end up as an aerospace engineer.”

Priscilla Amoah has reacted to her trending pictures and the good wishes from Ghanaians and according to her, she thanks all and sundry for praising and wishing her the very best of life.

She also encouraged other women to go into STEM because there’s a growing number of successful women in the industry and she’s one of them.

She wrote;

Also, a recent post on her LinkedIn account spoke about engineering and how women have become successful in it. She said she would want to be part of those succeeding in engineering. She wrote: “No matter what the reasons might be, there are a growing number of successful women that have been able to become a big part of the STEM community. Hopefully, these successful women in STEM will become role models for young girls to pursue careers in STEM. And so I am one.”

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