She Carried Useless Demonic Sacrifices For You To Have Riches : Bimbo’s Friend, Gloria Agbaosi Makes Shocking Revelation About Ivd

In a new shocking revelation, a friend of the late Bimbo Ogbonna has shed more light on what transpired before the demise of her friend.

Gloria Agbaosi took to social media to mourn her late friend. She said she promised to see Bimbo but it is now a promise that can’t be fulfilled.

She wrote: “I hid my last post Don’t look for it. My head is hot. I don’t even know what I feel at the moment.

“I promised Bimbo she was on the list of those I MUST see when next I’m in Lagos She begged me to make sure we see I told her not to worry.

“Even after the boting that sent her into a coma pregnancy, I told her I will see her as soon as I enter Lagos. I cancelled my last flight and Abimbola was pained. That remains one promise that will never be fulfilled.

“Abimbola suffered till the end. Bimbo suffered From Gbagada hospital to the Igbobi burn unit. Abimbola suffered

“Please, if you know anyone suffering domestic violence, do everything to take them out They are helpless
Bimbo Animbola!!! Abimbola hmmmmmmm

Gloria Agbaosi’s hidden post

In an earlier post before Bimbo’s death, Agbaosi revealed how her late friend has been in domestic violence and mental torture in her marriage which eventually led to her death.

She revealed how Bimbo had been carrying ‘demonic sacrifices’ for her husband, Ikechukwu Darry Ogbonna better known as IVD, to make him rich which consequently led to her seeing things and having a mental problem. For this reason, she has been in and out of hospitals for treatment.

Agabosi further revealed that Bimbo decided to back out of the ‘demonic’ ritual acts and this led to the violence against her by her husband.

She wrote,

“She will be carrying it for you Carrying u less demonic sacrifices for you to have riches.

“She started seeing things. They said she had mental problems Doctor no kuku dey fit diagnosed darkness, nor demons

“She has been in and out of mental hospital this year

“Bimbo will enter the market barefooted with scattered hair star blog When the torment leaves her, you will have money like mad

“We told her to run! R told her to go to MFM for deliverance I told her to run to church. We talked and talked.

“She refused to carry the last one Your auto shop was demolished after. When she is asking for her “pound of flesh”, people wonder what she is saying.

“You beast. You will rather she did than find redemption. If only she had gone for those deliverance sessions If only…

Bimbo’s death

Kemi Filani news reported hours ago that the celebrity auto dealer’s wife, Bimbo was dead.

The sad news was announced by her sister, Mama Jazz, in an Instagram post on Saturday, October 15.

Announcing her demise, her sister called out IVD for killing his wife.

“My hands are shaking

Bimbo is gone. Bimbo is gone- My sister is gone. The fire is burning me Haaaaaaa. IVD you killed my only sister. Abimbola IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister”.

She Carried Useless Demonic Sacrifices For You To Have Riches – Bimbo’s Friend, Gloria Agbaosi Makes Shocking Revelation About Ivd

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