Daniel Amoateng Feeds And Clothes Over 5000 People With His Free Boutique Initiative


Ghanaian Pastor and founder of Power of Worship International Daniel Amoateng has activated the nouvelle Free Compassion Boutique in the wake of the harsh economic hardship in Ghana and across the world. 

He has led his church congregation to provide basic needs like  bags of rice, packs of water and drinks plus other gifts like clothes, shoes, fabrics, laces, bags, suitcases, jewelry were also handed out to neighbors as well as the general community. 

The rising cost of living coupled with the declining incomes has seen thousands slowly slide further into the poverty line. A situation so precarious some cannot even afford to pay their utility bills.  

All these real problems has birthed the Free Compassion Boutique, the brainchild of Pastor Daniel Amoateng, with the sole aim of providing the much needed care for believers and non believers. The initiative also has provided a further line of support by paying the electricity and water bills of some deprived persons in the church’s local community. 

Pastor Daniel Amoateng is convinced that this activity will go to show the love, compassion and the fruits of sharing, taught from the pulpit, being shown in action at a difficult time like this. 

The Free compassion Boutique, the first of its kind in the country, must be the norm to reflect the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth and the spread of love through the provision of the basic needs will benefit not only church members but also people in the neighborhoods and all across the country.

The first major activity for this initiative saw thousands of people from all parts of the capital assemble at the Spintex  Branch known as the Testimony City to receive clothes, shoes, jewelries, some designer bags, clothing fabrics, suitcases and many more. 

Daniel Amoateng, a philanthropist who is known for giving alms and donating to individuals, church Members, organizations and other orphanage homes believes giving back to the society is something each one must add to their monthly plans in other to help the needy whilst they also receive blessings from God in the end. 

This initiative was organised by the charity department Power of Worship International called “Compassion” that gives free food every month called the POWI FOOD BANK.

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