Drake Gifts DJ Khaled With Toilets | WATCH

DJ Khaled received the “best gift ever” from Drake–four Toto toilets. The luxurious “Neorest” ceramic bowls cost around $6000, and include features like a remote control, heated seat with temperature control, air deodorizer, night light, and a tornado flush system.

Khaled could hardly contain his excitement as he showed off his new gift on Instagram.

“This is not no regular toilet bowl,” said Khaled, who saw the toilets in Drake’s 50,000-square-foot Toronto mansion. “If you ever been to Drake’s house, his toilet bowls are incredible.”

He went on to thank his “Staying Alive” collaborator for the generous gifts, something he and his wife had on their wish lists. “He went and got the best of the best,” he said. “This is the most amazing toilet bowl I ever seen in my life.”

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