Juliet Ibrahim Decries High Cost Of Living In Ghana


Actress Juliet Ibrahim has taken to Twitter to decry the high cost of living in Ghana. 


The actress who said Ghana is now the most expensive West African country, also pointed out some of the challenges they are currently facing.


Juliet tweeted; 


Ghana is officially the most expensive West African country right now! No joke!

Someone driving a car of 3.0 / 3.5 fills their fuel tank to use within 5-7 days with fuel worth 1300/1400 cedis. Currently, $100 = 1,400 cedis Even in USA, to fuel the same type of car can and will NEVER cost that much! Yet we are all going through the same economic crisis.

$100 = 1400 cedis 1400 cedis = 72,000 Naira Is there any Nigerian on my timeline that spends 72,000 Naira to fuel his car and use for a period of 5-7 days? Let’s have this discussion and make it make sense to me oo…

This is not a political post. Everyone’s affected and talking about our concerns / worries only helps one stay sane. Thanks.


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