Kwapong Nursing Training College Dupes Students Of GHC 450 : Full Details

Students of Kwapong Nursing Training College in the Kukom-Ahafo Region, capital of Asunafo South District are unhappy with the treatment they are receiving from their school principal 

According to information received the principle of the school is operating the training college in an unlawful manner which clearly goes against the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health by charging students GHC 450 which isn't part of the fees created by the Ministry Of Health towards training individuals to become good health partitions. 

Additional information clearly states that although its been ordered by the Ministry Of Health for everyone training college to have a 1st and 2nd semester, the principle of Kwapong Nursing Training College has

added a 3rd semester without the concern of the Ministry of Health.

Below is a written note to the principal and management.

Kwapong Nursing Training college 

Kukuom- Ahafo Region

The Principal

Kwapong Nursing Training College 

Kukuom-Ahafo Region

Respected sir/madam,


We, the entire students body of kwapong NTC, wish to express our displeasure to the entire management and principal of the college concerning the ill treatment students at the college faces. We would like to bring to your attention that students of the school are not really happy about how we are treated and we feel that is not the best of treatment and care that we deserve.

Additionally, parents of such students are equally not satisfied with the services rendered by the management of the school and hence want issues disturbing both parents and students resolved as soon as possible.

Below are some of the concerns raised by parents and students of this noble school:

a). There should be a change of three semesters run by the school to two semesters since all other sister schools operate two semesters making it quite different from ours and hence, we appeal to management and the principal of the school to see to it in order to cushion us have ample time for our clinicals whiles on Vacation.

b). Instead of having at least three and half months stay at school for our first semester, we stay less than the number of months, hence making us vacate early making us inability to cover a volume of materials in our academic work. We, therefore make an appeal to the management and principal of the school to make us stay in school for the required months to cover the materials needed.

c). Thirdly, parents of the students in the school are bitterly complaining about the short time spent at school at the short time spent at home making it burdensome for parents to raise money for the interim break to pay their wards fees and other expenses which is somehow a challenge to them. Parents asserts that if their wards spend quality number of days at home, some of them get engaged to save some money whiles parents also work hard to raise and save money for their re-opening. 

d). Fourthly, we are of the view that the three weeks vacation given to the students of this school should be reviewed and wish that the date is extended. Currently as all nursing training schools are on vacation, we are going back to school on somewhere 22nd November,2022 and break for the Christmas season which we plead that the management can make us spend the Christmas and report to school at the time where all nursing training schools will be reporting.

e). Lastly, we are of the view that, since transportation fares are high these days, we suggest that something be done about the number of semesters and the date of re-opening. Agat, most of the students come from very far places making them unable to report on the said date due to financial constraints and thereby making them skip lessons which in turn will affect their nursing career in future. 

We, the entirety of the students body plead that the management of the school will receive this concerns raised in good spirits and work towards it for building a resilient and conducive environment to promote and encourage good teaching and learning in a way of bettering the lives students in order to fit into the society by becoming responsible citizenry for our culture.

We are hopefully hoping that our request will be granted and looked into by management and we shall always be proud and happy for the changes we have been waiting for has finally come to pass.

With extreme pleasure and love, we say thank you.



       Sir Nana Appiah.

See the evidences below.

According to our research from other sister schools in Sunyani NTC, students nurses are on vacation, and the re-opening date is set for January 16th, 2023.

Furthermore, due to an engagement a friend of mine had with a student nurse from Tanoso in the Bono Region, she is also on vacation doing clinicals at Sunyani SDA hospital with the hope of returning to school in January, 2023 next year.

Due to the distractions in our school calendar and the way things are run, we and our parents are under a great deal of stress, and we therefore request that something be done immediately to help rectify the situation in order for students to have adequate time for clinicals and other issues.

We therefore channel these grievances to the school's management and principal, who will consult with other sister schools about how things are done in those schools, so that we can create a better environment for students to excel in their nursing careers.

- Source: Insider Of Kwapong Nursing Training College 

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