Twene Jonas Goes Deep Into Hajia4Real’s Arrest


Just about a week ago and a few days ago, news went viral on the local digital space that Ghanaian socialite and singer and socialite Haja4Real has been arrested and detained in the UK.

Commentary that surrounded her arrest alleged that she was picked by Interpol for her involvement in an $8 million fraud in the US.

Her personal blogger initially came out to rubbish the reports that Hajia4Real has been arrested but he made a swift U-turn and confirmed that she has been indeed detained in the UK.

Twene Jonas who is currently based in the US has added his voice to the trending issue and according to him, it’s true that Hajia4Real has been arrested.

But there’s a twist to the information out there that she is the one directly involved in the 8 million USD fraud.

Revealing all that he knows in a short video, Twene Jonas said Hajia 4Real was in America with her accomplice but this partner in crime was arrested and deported after serving his jail time.

He continued that Hajia isn’t the one who did the 8 million USD fraud but the money passed through her account hence she’s the right person to identify the real person behind the scam.

Watch the video below to know more…

Meanwhile, Hajia4Real hasn’t been seen or heard from ever since the report of her arrest and detainment landed on the internet.

We pray she’s safe wherever she is at the moment.

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