Video Of Wizkid ‘Flirting’ With Actress, Osas Stirs Reactions

Nigerians on social media have reacted to a video of Star boy, Wizkid flirting with actress Osas.

In the viral video that sparked conversations on social media, Wizkid was seen backstage at Madison Square Garden in New York with Osas.

— Darmson 🇫🇷 (@Darmson2) November 18, 2022

Osas was spotted smiling when Wizkid encircled her waist and spoke quietly in her ear.

In response to the video, a netizen said women should take a cue from Wizkid’s baby mom, Jada, who has no problem with him flirting with other women, while others made amusing comments about their own feelings.

@markotabor said, “Some ladies actually need to take lessons from JADA…Once you know your king 👑 just allow am enjoy Life , dont man mark dey find wetin no lost, na hungry girls dey behave like that, if you hold your side and you GAJ petty things like this won’t bother you, some Nigerian girls would not tolerate this innocent act here because of their trenches mentality…”

sauceprince1 said, “His ways and everything can make all ladies smile. This man is a full and complete meal, no sha near my own.

_churchilljunior said,”Omo make Sir Wizkid respect himself o, I no dey use Osas play. She is the LOML, I no mind change am for Wizkid even if say him be my idolo.

humormerchant said, “Later he will say “She Tell Me Say” meanwhile he is the one telling them.

chef_amaa said,”The force of attraction between slim guys and thick girls is equals to equilibrium constant of a pendulum bulb and interaction of osmosis…wetin I Dey talk sef.

officialosemeonobun said,”Trust me oga didn’t say anything ooo—- my brother just be successful.

nohpheesat said,”Just have money, even if you laugh, it’s funny.

saladoflagos said, “What if she pretended to fall and laugh was a stylish way of removing her hips from his hand.

the.gene.sis said, “She’s just happy that she’s with him. Wetin him talk fit no funny. My brother just be successful.

_toby_loba said, “My focus just dey on Machala hand wey dey her hips.

tonia.gram_ said,”Popsi and things wey big pass am 5&6

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