‘We Need Us’ : Black Sherif Speaks After His Alleged Sex Tape Leaked

The alleged bedroom video of Black Sherif has garnered mixed reactions since it went viral on the internet.

Fans of the singer have been reacting to the alleged sex tape as they are confused about the guy’s true identity in the video.

Some believe that the guy seen in the video enjoying himself with a light-skinned lady is Blacko while others think otherwise. They believe it could be his doppelganger.

However, it cannot be confirmed whether the guy seen in the video is actually the Black Sherif we all know or not.

Nonetheless, in the heat of the bedroom video, Black Sharif has dropped a reaction that has been linked to the story making waves.

In a Tweet by Blacko, he stated ‘We need Us’ moments ago. Again he shared a dark-themed picture of himself at the seaside signifying peace of mind.

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