Actress Anne Heche's Autopsy Reveals Cocaine And Other Drugs Were In Her System At The Time Of Her Fiery Car Crash Into LA Home


Emmy award-winning actress,  Anne Heche had cocaine in her system during her fatal car crash into a Los Angeles home, according to her final autopsy and toxicology report. 


The toxicology report also states that fentanyl was detected in the Emmy Award-winning actress' body from the pain treatment she received following the horror crash, TMZ reports.  

Heche crashed into the LA home at 90mph, causing a blazing fire that saw her trapped in her car for 45 minutes as dozens of firefighters worked to free her. 

The report also notes that there was no alcohol in Heche's system despite a photo of her just moments before the wreck showing a bottle of what appeared to be vodka inside her blue Mini Cooper.  


According to the timestamp on the LA Fire Department's recordings, the first of 59 firefighters arrived at the burning home at 11:01am on August 5, with reports that Heche was trapped inside the car. 


After homeowner Lynne Mishele was pulled from the blaze, officials incorrectly believed there was no one else inside the home, where the vehicle could not be seen. 


After finding the car, emergency responders had to wait for a heavy-duty tow truck to brave the fire and pull the vehicle out, with Heche rescued at around 11:49 am 


She was left badly burned and fell into a coma after being transported to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. 

Heche suffered a 'severe anoxic brain injury' caused by a lack of oxygen, according to a statement released on behalf of her family and friends. 


She was declared brain-dead seven days later but was kept on life support until her organs could be donated. 


Heche's life support machine was turned off on August 14, and she was cremated on August 18.


A coroner ruled on August 17 that Heche died from inhalation injury and burns, and the death was ruled an accident.

Mishele, who was at her Mar Vista home with her pets when Heche crashed into it, has since filed a $2 million lawsuit against the late actress' estate. 


Mishele recently spoke out about the crash that led to Heche's death and said she had delayed the suit after being diagnosed with cancer in September. 


In the lawsuit, Mishele claimed she was feet away from being hit by Heche's car along with her dogs and pet tortoise. 


She died without a formal will in place and with two sons by different fathers left to duke out claims to their inheritance. 


Last week, a court gave control of Heche's estate to her son, Homer Heche Laffoon over objections from the actress' former partner, actor James Tupper – who claimed that $200,000 worth of her jewelry has 'gone missing.' 

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lee Bogdanoff appointed Laffoon, 20, as permanent administrator of the estate, denying the motion by Tupper – father of Heche's 13-year-old son Atlas – to have an independent administrator appointed. 

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