Bolt Introduces Trotro-Like Rides

Commuting long distances on public transport or ride-hailing apps can make you more careful with your spending, especially in these economic times. Carpooling with friends or colleagues makes the journey even more fun and less expensive. For example, Ghana’s number one ride-hailing app, Bolt, has a cool feature that makes splitting costs across rides more economical.

This feature is ideal for riders headed in the same general direction or with similar pick up points and is designed to use the most efficient route for the entire trip. As the Christmas holidays draw near, this multiple-stop feature is ideal for a group of friends heading in a similar direction to or from an event or party.

Here is how Bolt’s Multiple Stop feature works

  1. Go to the Bolt App
  2. When choosing your required destination, you’ll notice a small plus (+) sign on the top right of your screen.
  3. Tap on it to create additional stops

4. Set your destination and additional stops. You have up to three destination point stops on a single ride, the last one being the final destination on your journey

5. You will notice all the stops highlighted on your journey.

The app will give the driver directions based on the most efficient route for the whole trip. Carpooling options like this are likely to keep you safer and reduce the costs of your rides.

So, you can make your rides more fun with more friends and less cost to share.

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