Drama As Man Chops Ashawo And Refuses To Pay | WATCH

A yet-be-identified elderly man got more than he bargained for as a prostitute he slept with and refused to pay, humiliated him before his co-tenants.

The man who appears to be in his early 50s had agreed to pay the prostitute an all-night session but reneged just after one round.

He ended up refusing to pay the prostitute who then seized his phone and refused to give it to him until he pays.

The man in turn refused to allow her to leave the house until she gives him back his phone.

The angry sex worker vowed to send thugs to the house to cause a commotion.

Some co-tenants who had woken up because of the noise pleaded with the sex workers to instruct the thugs she sends to beat only the man because they’re innocent.

Watch the video below.

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