Ghana: Young Girl Bravely Records Moment Father Brutalizes Mother

The Ghana Police Service has been encouraged to look into a serious matter that concerns marital abuse, as seen in a viral video.

A Ghanaian man is seen in a video brutalizing his wife.

The entire inhumane session was bravely recorded by her daughter, who felt that was the only way she could save her helpless mother from the claws of her unforgiving father.

One Nah Eyesah shared the video on Facebook with the caption:

Please I beg you. Tag Ghana Police Service. Let’s get him arrested.

I beg. This happened here in Ghana. I beg you let’s save her.

He is called Raphael Abatey. The video was recorded by the lady’s 17 year old daughter. That was the only thing she could do to save her mum.

Now that we have the video let’s help her before he ki.lls her. I beg you.

In the video, the man not only overpowered the woman by pressing her head against the freezer but also ended up banging the door of the freezer on her head.

That resulted in the little girl, who was terrified at that moment, yelling for help. An unconcerned husband continued to abuse his wife until he was okay.

Watch the video below.

Many have been calling for his immediate release following the evidence seen in the video.

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