Judge Orders Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty To Settle Lawsuit Against Rape Accuser


Kenneth Petty, the husband of Nicki Minaj, has been ordered by a judge to settle his lawsuit with his sexual assault accuser, Jennifer Hough.


Hough filed a lawsuit against Petty in 2021, citing infliction of emotional distress, harassment, and witness intimidation.

However, Judge James R. Cho has referred the case go to mediation in hopes of the two parties reaching a settlement.


Court documents state: "Parties to select a mediator by 12/20/2022 and complete mediation by 3/6/2023.


"[They] may participate in the mediation remotely. [Both sides] shall file a joint status report two weeks after completing the mediation, but no later than 3/20/2023, whichever date is earlier."


Hough had previously sued Minaj, accusing her of participating in the alleged harassment and intimidation. She also claims Minaj threatened her in an effort to get her to recant her allegations of Petty assaulting her when both were minors, which led to him being convicted of first-degree attempted rape and serving nearly four years in prison.


Hough has since dropped her case against Minaj, who dodged a $20 million default judgement against her when Hough’s legal team claimed she failed to respond to the lawsuit.

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