F1 Star Fernando Alonso Reacts To Rumour Of Dating Taylor Swift


Formula 1 star, Fernando Alonso has responded to rumour of dating American singer Taylor Swift. 


Alonso, 41, had announced his split from girlfriend Andrea Schlager earlier this month at a similar time that Swift, 33, separated from long-term partner Joe Alwyn.

Rumour of them being in a romantic relationship has been fuelled by a post the F1 driver shared on TikTok.  He reportedly commented on the video "Feeling 33", which is thought to be a reference to the singer's song "22". Alonso was spotted in a viral video listening to the singer's hit song 'Karma' before winking at the camera.


Ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this weekend, a reporter said to Alonso during an interview, “I have to ask this one or I would be leaving a Blank Space but and I know it is potentially your Love Story and nobody else's..”


But before he could finish his question, Alonso deflected in his reply to the Grand Prix: 

“Obviously, no I have nothing to say. I answered already. I have nothing to say. It is so complicated, the Baku format already, I am sure you have a lot of questions.”


He candidly addressed the rumours to Marca as he said:


“I usually keep my personal and professional life apart. I prefer not to comment on it.”


The Aston Martin driver has earned a reputation as a bit of a playboy over the years after a number of high profile relationships. He has had a good start to the current F1 season as he has finished third in each of the three races so far.

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