Ameyaw Debrah Reveals How He Started Blogging

Ameyaw Debrah, Ghanaian top-notch blogger has revealed how his interest in journalism started.

Speaking on Experience With Odum with Mr. Gerald Odum-Mensah at his residence, he opened up on how his interest in blogging arose

According to the celebrated blogger, he was an editor at Adisadel College and then went to KNUST to study BA publishing studies. It was during this period that he was voted the best publishing student and he was rewarded for that and that prize was given to him by Ovation Magazine and based on this, they gave him the opportunity to do his national service with them, which he took up, and during that time of his national service, that was when he began writing for publication, and each time he wrote, the Editor in charge was very happy with his works, so he got a lot of his articles published, which encouraged him to want to do more.

Around that time, he was very active online, and Hi5 had become popular, so he began using that platform to establish a presence and a following.

As Facebook was becoming more popular at the time, he moved to Facebook and began building his audiences, sharing his experiences with writing, interviewing celebrities, and doing all of these things, he began contributing to Pan-African websites based in the United States because most of them were just picking from everywhere and aggregating it into content and he felt since he was more present in the continent he could give them more exclusives, which led him into contributing into most of them for free.

Moreover, he revealed that during his journey, he participated in a project called Voices of Africa, in which a small Nokia phone was distributed among bloggers all over the world, and they were asked to use that same phone to conduct interviews, edit them, and turn them into stories for publication. During this time, there was a program called Highway Africa, and he had the opportunity to go and speak in South Africa, where he shared his experiences both on the Voice Of Africa project and blogging. As a result, he had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

He already had a blog on at the time, so he decided to take blogging more seriously when he returned to Ghana so that he could one day share experiences like those he heard in South Africa during the conference.

Speaking about how came to be, he revealed that the CEO of approached him to ask if he could use his content on his website, and Ameyaw agreed. So they began an online friendship, and one day, the CEO of asked him why he didn’t create his own website. As they were discussing the name for his website, the name came up, and he agreed to it. So the CEO of created the website, gave him admin access, and when he figured out how to navigate the website, he went full time blogging.

Watch the full video below.

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