Black Sherif explains the inspiration and the meaning behind the ‘Soja’ song

Sherif Ismail Mohammamned, better known as Black Sherif, has received widespread praise for his new single ‘Soja,’ which was released yesterday.

After hearing the soul-stirring song, music fans have been curious about the song’s inspiration.

Black Sherif, speaking in a radio studio, explained the song’s inspiration and lyrics.

According to Blacko, the ‘Soja’ song discusses how to overcome your fears in order to avoid allowing your own anxieties and negative energies to derail you from your life’s purpose and goals.

He added that the song also speaks about how people should brace themselves against all negative energies and their own anxieties in order not to lose focus in their lives.

Kweku Killer said that he could not get ‘Soja’ out of his mind for about a week after writing it but it was removed from the list of songs on his “The Villian I Never Was” album.

However, his team added back the song after listening to it and encouraged him to release the song in order for it to serve its purpose.

Black Sherif aka Blacko’s newly released track titled ‘Soja’ got over 500,000 streams on Audiomack in just 24 hours after its released.

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