Black Sherif’s ‘soja’ track records over 500,000 streams on Audiomack

Black Sherif aka Blacko has once again done it after his newly released track titled ‘Soja’ got over 500,000 streams on Audiomack in just 24 hours after its released.

In “Soja,” Black Sherif expresses his feelings while discussing his hardships and how he never anticipated becoming as well-known and prosperous as he is today.

Due to the song’s relatability, the young celebrity was able to touch the hearts of the audience.

Since its release, “Soja” has gotten a lot of love and acclaim from Ghanaians on social media.

Many Ghanaians perceive Black Sherif as the upcoming face of Ghanaian music, which suggests that they are enamoured with his musical taste and abilities.

Watch a snippet from his video below:

Black Sherif, whose true name is Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, became well-known after his songs First Sermon and Money became social media sensations. Since then, Blacko has accomplished a lot and established himself as a major figure in Ghanaian music.

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