Ghana has Sold All Of Its Shares In AngloGold Ashanti : Sir Sam Jonah Reveals

Sir Sam Jonah has made a shocking admission during an interview with GTV and according to him, Ghana now owns 0% shares in AngloGold Ashanti.

According to Sir Sam Esson Jonah who is a former executive president of AngloGold Ashanti Limited, the government of Ghana does not own any stock in the corporation.

The renowned businessman explained how Ghana lost all of its interests in AngloGold Ashanti, saying the initial sale of the company’s stock took place in 1994 when Ghana sold 30% of its holdings.

He went on to say that after AngloGold was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the remaining 55% of its shares were sold.

Disappointed Sir Sam Jonah described the turnout of events as shameful. He lamented the low level of Ghanaian ownership of major companies and businesses in the country.

In his own words;

“…..Currently, as we speak, it (government) has zero equity interest in AngloGold Ashanti. The Ghana government had 10 percent in the mines, like Obuasi etc, but as the company that merged, the Ghana government has zero percent of AngloGold Ashanti, which is a shame because we sold,”.

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