How to Make Girls Chase You: 20 Secrets To Win Her Heart and Mind

When you get how to make girls chase you, then you know how to get the girl. The chase is everything in winning a girl’s affection and in time, her heart.

When you know how to get the girl, you’ll realize that winning her heart and affection is easy. There’s a reason why women are always viewed as complicated individuals. However, learning how to make girls chase you, that takes a deeper insight into women and their minds.

Honestly, the hard part is breaking down her walls to be comfortable around you – and to get her to chase you! Girls tend to have the hardest time trusting men and letting them in, even if their intentions are good and pure. The chase is all about the element of desire so when you get that from her, she’ll be interested in you.

This is what makes the chase so interesting for both men and women – it’s a challenge to make them fall for you. Desire is the difference between her telling you she’s always “busy” whenever you want to hang out, and her constantly asking you when you’re free and available to hang out with her.

This is also why there are all these rules on how you should never call her immediately the next day or how you shouldn’t be too clingy too soon. Eventually, you’ll realize how absurd these rules are, but they also have a point.

Annoyingly, desire can be a hard thing to harness until you show her you’re worth the chase. If you show her you’re different from the other guys who showed up before you, then you have the beginnings of impressing her and capturing her interest.

Do you have to chase her to win her heart?
The honest answer to this is no, you really don’t. However, there’s a higher probability of her being your girlfriend when she ends up chasing you. There are times when you’re chasing a girl and none of your tactics are working.

You’re doing all the right things – spoiling her with gifts, handwritten letters, and even every grand gesture in the book. This is when knowing how to make girls chase you will come in handy.

It’s a reverse psychology tactic that will make her seek your attention and time instead of the other way around. If you’re desperately out of options or you just want to make her chase you for once, keep reading to find out!

20 tips that teach you how to make girls chase you
Have you tried everything to get a girl’s attention and nothing seems to be working? Maybe it feels like you’re losing a battle. You try so hard to play by the book, but she’s losing interest in you as every minute passes. Is it me? Is she out of my league? What things am I doing wrong?

These are the questions that passed by your mind. Don’t worry- we got you! In this feature, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know on how to make girls chase you.

1. Play a little hard to get
When you act a little bit more difficult to figure out than most guys, the chances are she’ll want you more. After all, you want what you can’t have, right? Women play hard to get all the time and it’s because they already know how this reverse psychology tactic works.

2. Be devilishly charming
Don’t underestimate the power of charm in getting a girl to chase you or be interested in you. No, we’re not referring to flirting. *although, that could also work!* If you come across as suave and interesting, you stand out from the crowd, and she won’t be able to get enough.

There’s just something about being charming that girls won’t be able to get enough of. There’s also a big difference between charm and oversleazy so don’t confuse the two!

3. Make yourself physically irresistible
We know you think looks aren’t of much value for a woman *at least, that’s what they say*. However, what captivates a woman’s eyes in the way you look.

You don’t necessarily have to be Mr. Perfect, but you do have to look presentable and desirable. Looking clean and organized is simple enough to look attractive enough to make her chase you.

4. Don’t be constantly available at all times
In knowing how to make girls chase you, don’t always be there whenever she looks for you. We know this sounds harsh, but how else will she miss you if you’re always available at the snap of her fingers? Give her the element of desire by not texting right the second that she does, and don’t cancel your plans for her.

If she senses you always cancel your plans to hang out, or blow your friends off just to spend time with her every day, she’ll start to think that you’re desperate. Desperation is the sign of someone that no one else is interested in.

5. Become friends with her friends
Becoming friends with her friends is the key to winning her heart. If her friends are against you, you might as well say goodbye to winning her heart, which is why this is an important factor.

It’s a known fact that if a girl’s friends thinks you’re great and can’t stop talking about you, then she thinks you’re great too.

6. Make sure you know what you’re doing in bed
We know you think sex isn’t that important when you’re just winning her, but don’t wait before it becomes an actual problem. There’s nothing worse than chasing a guy for ages, getting to know him, and having sexual chemistry—only for him to then turn out to be awful in bed.

Make sure you know what you’re doing physically and sexually to make her desire you. If she senses that you’re new to this without any idea what to do, this will set her off. A great way to make a girl stay interested is if you make her imagine you in between the sheets, and better yet, impress her in between the sheets too.

7. Don’t let everything get to you
There’s nothing attractive about a guy who easily gets triggered or frustrated about things. You need to maintain your cool and put your best foot forward in learning how to make girls chase you.

Instead of letting circumstances, attitudes, or rejection annoy you, let them roll off your back. If she sees you’re a chilled-out guy, she’s more inclined to spend time with you.

8. Inspire her mind
Women crave mental intimacy more than anything. If you get her mind, then you’re already so close to getting her heart. If you want to know how to make girls chase you, don’t hesitate to show your intellectual side.

Engage in a deep conversation, ask her questions, reveal your curiosity for the world – she’ll love this!

9. Don’t annoy her
If you haven’t heard from her in a while, don’t send a flurry of text messages asking where she is or why you haven’t heard from her. Being perceived as clingy or needy will push her away from you entirely. If she doesn’t answer, don’t take that as a sign to smother her with texts.

Just give her room to breathe – you never know, she might be busy! Don’t be clingy as no one wants to date someone who can’t be left alone for five minutes.

10. Be emotionally available
The fastest way to turn a woman off is to be emotionally withdrawn whenever she needs you. Yes, play hard to get and keep it cool, but that doesn’t imply being emotionally detached from her. When she needs someone to talk to, somebody to give advice, or a shoulder to cry on, be there for her.

Validate her feelings and don’t tell her that she’s just overreacting or being dramatic. If she sees you as the kind of man who genuinely cares, she’ll never forget it.

11. Be loyal and trustworthy
Loyalty and trustworthiness are two characteristics that are admirable to any woman. If you want to know how to make girls chase you, prove that you’re loyal and trustworthy.

When she trusts you, then she’ll eventually give you her heart. If you’re someone she relies on to be honest, you’ll become someone she can’t easily replace.

12. Don’t come across as desperate
If there’s a central theme on how to make girls chase you, it’s to not come across as desperate. You can’t keep pushing yourself towards her, especially when she’s dropping hints for you to back away and give her some space. If she doesn’t respond to your calls, then move on and find someone else. Don’t cling.

One of the reverse psychology tactics you can use on her is to make it seem like you’re not afraid to walk away from her. Again, that’s the element of desire in action.

13. Be confident!
Nothing is more attractive than a confident man who’s sure of himself and what he wants. If you show confidence in everything you do, in who you are, how you react to others, and what you stand for, you’ll attract so many women you won’t know what to do with all of them!

Of course, there’s a thin line that separates confidence from cockiness. Be sure not to go beyond that line or you’ll push her away.

14. Treat her with respect
It can be very challenging for women to meet a man who respects her, no matter the circumstances. If you want to know how to make girls chase you, respect her, including her boundaries and her personal beliefs.

Give her space when she needs it, don’t cross boundaries that she’s specified, never demean her, and don’t be aggressive if she’s not doing exactly what you want.

15. Be kind, always
Girls are incredibly attracted to men who are compassionate toward others, keep a positive outlook, and stay good-natured. Your kindness reflects a lot about how you love and care for others.

If you can’t be kind, then that’s an automatic red flag for women. This doesn’t just mean being kind to her, but everyone you come across.

16. Keep it mysterious
You won’t get anywhere if you lay all your cards out in the open. The last thing a girl wants is knowing what to expect from a guy as it bores her out of her mind. What you need to do is to avoid becoming an open book.

Don’t tell her all your funny stories on a first date and don’t show her all your flaws yet. Keep the mystery flowing so she never knows what to expect from you!

17. Let her dominate every now and then
Look, equality is something that women desire passionately. If there’s anything women hate, it’s men treating her like a child as if she can’t do anything by herself.

Don’t assume that you always need to take the lead, let her do it as well! This isn’t saying don’t be chivalrous, but split the check with her or let her drive! Really, letting her take the lead will make her chase you and appreciate you!

18. Sharpen your communication skills
Women are known for being verbal individuals so if you want to know how to make girls chase you, be an effective communicator.

If you’re the type who isn’t verbal with their stories, compliments, or really anything, you’re going to seem bland and boring in her eyes. Be talkative and communicate whatever you want!

19. Make her laugh
Making a woman laugh is one of the most underrated ways on how to make girls chase you. When you make her laugh, she will enjoy your company and want to be around you more often. After all, a man who can make a woman smile and laugh genuinely is a man worth keeping!

Don’t be afraid to use jokes and use even your cheesiest pick-up lines to make her laugh. Trust us, it’ll be all worth it.

20. Get busy with your life
Honestly, this works wonders in knowing how to make girls chase you. She expects nothing but the best from you, so when you actually delay responding to her text immediately because you’re busy, that will pique her interest in you. This mystery will keep her on her toes and she’ll be the one wondering what’s happening to you.

Most importantly, it incorporates that element of desire that would encourage her to chase after you. *especially when she’s a little scared that she might be losing you!*

So, how do you make girls chase you?
The key here is to never act desperate and clingy. We’re sure you wouldn’t want someone who never gives you any room to breathe, so why are you doing this to her? Give her the element of desire and most importantly, surprise her.

No, don’t surprise her with gifts and grand gestures.

Rather, surprise her with your intentions. Don’t make your life all about her, but keep it mysterious. Turn down her plans when you’re busy, but always be there when she needs you.

Once you figure out how to make girls chase you, everything that follows is a piece of cake! While the chase isn’t everything, it can certainly give her attention to you towards eventually winning her heart.

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