Leaving Ghana Web Was A Bold And Difficult Decision For Me : Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw Debrah, Ghanaian celebrated journalist opened up about his blogging journey.

Speaking with Mr Gerald Odum-Mensah on Experience With Odum, he revealed that one time in his life, he had to make a very difficult decision.

He revealed that when the CEO of GhanaWeb.com, a Dutchman, came to Ghana, he kept hearing Ameyawdebrah.com all over the news while listening to raido.

So he told Ameyawdebrah.com that since he’s with Ghana Web, why don’t they incorporate Ghanaweb into his works so that Ghanaweb can come in more as media partners?

Despite receiving a monthly salary, he had to make the difficult decision to part ways with Ghanaweb because Ameyawdebrah.com was doing so well.

Watch the full interview below.

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