‘She’s Not My Sister’ : Murdered Student Nurse’s Look-Alike Clears Air

A young woman mistaken for the deceased nursing student whose body was exhumed from an apartment in Mankessim in the Central Region last Tuesday has offered some clarity.

Queenscilla, as she’s known on social media, says she is not Georgina Asor Botchwey – a 25-year-old woman who was allegedly killed and buried by a pastor and a chief.

Although they both share some striking resemblance, she noted that it was a rare case of mistaken identity in a new video she uploaded online.

Queenscilla vehemently debunked the news of her death, stating emphatically that neither has she pursued a career in nursing nor is she related to the deceased.

Watch how Queenscilla distinguished her identity from Asor in the video below.

Botchwey was reported missing by her family about a month ago. But videos purporting to be that of her began going viral hours after she was confirmed dead.

One of the videos showed a beautiful woman thought to be the late prospective nurse and her two friends having a good time.

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