Social Media Has Cheapened So Many Things, Porn Stars Don't Exist Anymore : Ex-Adult Actress Who Broke S3x Record With 300 Men In 24 Hours Says

A former pornstar claims social media has reduced the glamour associated with adult film stars.

According to Jasmin St Claire who broke record by performing a record-shattering 300 sex acts on 300 men in a 1996 film, the days of porn ‘stars’ are long gone.

Describing her record as “the biggest cons ever pulled off in the porn industry”, she said it made her one of the adult film industry’s best known stars.

 Social media has cheapened so many things, porn stars don

Speaking about the effect of social media on the porn industry, she said: “I think social media has cheapened so many things and we have lost the glamour we once had in the golden age of adult.

“But it has also given some great people opportunities they may not have had otherwise. There are a lot of porn performers, but the age of ‘stars’ died in the late 1990 or early 2000s.”

Jasmin was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2011 in recognition of her work in the porn business. She described it as “pretty damn cool”, hailing her “die hard fans”, but said she always wanted to act in ‘normal’ roles.

 Social media has cheapened so many things, porn stars don

She called time on her adult career in the late 90s, moving into regular acting roles.

“I did theatre as a kid and always wanted to return,” she said.

“So, as I have been out of adult for more than 23 years, I wanted to act again and took classes. I studied Strasberg and Meisner (acting techniques). I also competed the Second City Conservatory Program.”

She said: “I love theatre and TV programs in the UK, so hopefully my RP (Received Pronunciation) and other British dialects will help and get me some work there.”

“I would love to do more dramas in Europe. I speak other languages fluently.

“As far as Hollywood, whatever comes my way and feels right, I’ll take! There are so many good opportunities there. The right roles always land in my lap and I apply myself to the fullest.

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