2Face Impregnates A Banker, Annie Idibia Reacts

A recent news update revealed that famous singer 2Face had impregnated another woman, a banker.

When 2face apologized to his wife for his behavior over the years, he sparked pregnancy rumors.

2face Idibia had apologized to Annie for the umpteenth time for hurting her.

He apologized for causing his wife, children, mother, and all of his families and management embarrassment.

He, on the other hand, made it clear that he wasn’t looking for sympathy or trying to make himself look good because this was not reverse psychology.

He admitted to being a bad father, husband, and baby daddy and made no excuses for it.

2face went on to say that he was reverting to his default mode, denouncing his role model status and making up for lost time.

Days after his heartfelt apology, rumors circulated that he was expecting his eighth child. Tuface allegedly impregnated a banker, according to a popular Instagram blogger.

Annie Idibia weighed in, slamming those spreading false rumors about him.

She mentioned how rumors about him getting a banker pregnant had been circulating since 2014.

“As in na since 2014 this supposed “banker” dey carry d belle ooo lol. Just can’t with malicious humans!!!!!!!!”.

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