Fight Erupts After Security Guards Drag GIJ Student Out Of Hostel At Midnight

Videos of a chaotic scene at a private hostel near the Dzorwulu campus of the Ghana Institute of Journalism have flooded social media.

Reports gathered indicate that security guards on duty at the Pleasant Hostel forcefully dragged a level 100 GIJ student out of her hostel at 11 pm on October 13.

Although details about the incident remain sketchy, the victim who has been identified simply as Ama Lollipop is reported to have had an argument with her roommate.

The lady who triggered the argument reportedly went to report to the management of the hostel who suspended Ama Lollipop for a week.

After a week she came back and asked for her keys from the security guards who told her to write an essay of 500 words stating “she will not fight with her roommate again“ but she refused and went to a friend’s room.

This triggered the guards to go on a door-to-door expedition to search for Ama and eventually throw her out.

The family of the victim reportedly stormed the school after hearing of the development.

It is gathered that the brother of the victim upon reaching the school took the law into his own hands to beat up the security guard for dragging his sister out at that odd hour of the night.

The Pleasant Hostel is a private residential hostel that houses some students of GIJ, UPSA and UG.

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