He Chop Am : Reactions After Amerado’s Reply When Delay Asked Him ‘Am I Your Girlfriend?” On Her Show

Scores of social media users have reacted to Amerado’s response on her show when Delay asked if she (Delay) is his (Amerado) girlfriend.

Rapper Amerado was asked about her alleged relationship with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, hosted by Deloris Frimpong Manso.

Following several rumors that Amerado was dating Delay, she decided to confront the rapper.

Delay asked Amerado to respond publicly to the public perception that they were having an affair in a new interview.

They said, ‘I’m your girlfriend. How true is that? ” -Delay asked.

Ameardo hooked his head, leaned back for a moment, and asked for the next question in an attempt to swerve the question.

Later, she stated that Delay should be in a better position to respond because they were in the same boat.

“Then we both have to answer this question,” Amerado begged as he was asked again.

Amerado’s response has raised eyebrows. The way Amerado threw back the question, his boldness, and his relaxed gestures said it all.


According to Internet users, rapper Amerado has ‘chop’ Delay, which explains his inability to properly answer the question.

Below are some reactions garnered.

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