“I Campaigned For The NPP Out Of Selfishness And I Don’t Regret” : Kalybos

Ghanaian comedian Kalybos has said the only reason he decided to campaign for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) was out of selfishness.

According to him, the Free SHS policy that the NPP proposed made so much sense to him, that he decided to vote for them and encourage others to do the same.

Speaking to Giovanni Caleb on 3 FM, Kalybos admitted to the fact that his selfishness led him to campaign for the NPP based on what he believed would serve his interests in the long run.

If you pay your education fees, you will comprehend. Every September, even before I had given baby, my family would slam me with costs. Therefore, the policy (Free SHS) was something I felt I should support if it can help me.

“I decided to run for the NPP Party because of some of its policies because they assisted me.“

Kalybos, who was part of a team of celebrities, added that he campaigned for the NPP out of his free will and never received payment for his support in any shape or form.

He also added that he does not regret campaigning for the NPP. Although things do not appear to be working in recent times, Kalybos said he has never regretted canvassing for votes for Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

“I wasn’t paid, no. I intended to apply for the policies. And it was beneficial since, ever since that policy went into effect, I could now save money and put it toward various projects.“

“No remorse. That’s the issue I have. I didn’t risk my job in any way. As I previously stated, there was a purpose, and I wanted to see that purpose succeed. It didn’t scratch any of my creations.“

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