I Can’t Go On A Date With A Man Who Can’t Spend ¢10,000 On Me : Slay Queen

A shameless young lady who parades herself as a slay queen says she would not stoop low to associate herself with men who don’t have deep pockets.

According to Nabecca, who apparently has nothing good to offer, anyone man who cannot afford to spend GH¢10,000 on her on a date is not in her league of suitors.

She made the surprising remark during a random outdoor interview at Bayview Village at North Legon which left the interviewer stunned.

When asked if she would intervene in the unfortunate event where the man’s mode of payment like an ATM Card declines on the date, she replied in the negative.

She said he would have to sell off his car to pay the debt.

The video has triggered an avalanche of reactions from social media users, surprisingly many of whom are women who have expressed their disappointment in their own fellow.

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