“I Get Upset When People With No Light And Little Credit Disrespect Me” : Sonnie Badu

Ghanaian-born USA-based gospel singer and evangelist, Sonnie Badu has challenged online trolls to confront him face-to-face and tell him directly what they say about him online behind their ‘cheap phones.

Speaking in an interview, Sonnie Badu revealed how he gets upset when people with no light at home insult him on social media whilst they have little data on their phones as well.

Talking to Hammer Nti of Pure Drive FM, Sonnie Badu said the following about the people who disrespect him on the internet

“what upsets me is, sometimes, a type and kind of people who just had a little credit on their phone, no light at home and they have the audacity to push a word, to disrespect you then it’s like a whole host of houseflies jump on what they said on me“

“I normally say if you are a brave man come and stand in front of me and say what you want to say because I’m not afraid to say that”.

“However, those who are higher tinkers will always understand what I’m saying because I’m not afraid to speak my mind,”

According to Sonnie Badu, he wishes the trolls are brave to do it better in his face if they are not afraid than hiding behind social media.

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