I Used My Menstrual Blood And That Of My Friend To Cook For My Boyfriend, Now He’s Sick : Lady Makes Shocking Revelation

We live in a dangerous and cruel world. People are doing things behind the curtains and it’s scary and evil soo shocking to the bone.

We have chanced upon yet another disturbing news of a young lady who went to the extreme to show his boyfriend ‘pepper’ after a short misunderstanding.

According to the lady, while confessing, she decided to mafia the boyfriend named Kelvin whom she argued over a month ago when they got back.

Only God knows her core reason for that decision but she said she used her menstrual blood and that of her friend’s used pad filled with blood to cook for him.

She intended to teach the boyfriend a lifetime lesson he would never forget but it went overboard and now the boyfriend is seriously ill as a result of the food filled with menstrual blood she has been serving him.

In the statements shared online in a confession of her bad acts, the anonymous lady feels sorry but doesn’t know how to break this news to the boyfriend on why he has fallen sick. Hmm… Some Women!!

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