Kanye West To Go Broke: List Of Things He Has Lost So Far

Yesterday, Kanye West lost his partnership deal with Adidas, but that was just the beginning of the woes of the rapper.

He has fallen off Forbes’s billionaires’ list as his net worth has plummeted from a staggering $1.9B to just $400M.

These are losses Ye is suffering following some anti-Semitic statements he made against the Jews.

Below are some of the losses the rapper has suffered so far:

  • Adidas terminates partnership deal
  • Balenciaga terminates partnership deal
  • Vogue cut ties
  • Anna Wintour cut ties
  • Dropped by the lawyer
  • Streams, airplay and sales plummeted
  • Restricted by Twitter and Instagram
  • Stadium shows cancelled
  • Documentary shelved

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