Kim Kardashian ‘Wants To Distance Herself’ From Kanye West

Following her ex-husband’s series of antisemitic remarks on social media, Kim Kardashian is trying not to associate with Kanye West. Sources close to Kim and her family have revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the reality star, 41, thinks the rapper, 45, was “completely out of line” and is worried about how his recent remarks will affect her kids.

An insider close to the family revealed how Kim’s feeling now that she’s “mortified” at Kanye’s tweets. “After everything Kanye has done lately and all the controversial remarks and stances he’s taken, Kim just wants to distance herself as much as humanly possible from all this drama surrounding Kanye,” they said. “Kim has told him she wants nothing to do with him when he acts like this, but Kanye doesn’t seem to care.”

The source did say that the reality star isn’t “surprised” by Kanye’s recent tweets, but she “doesn’t understand why he feels the need to be so combative towards people.” Still, she’s most concerned for their four children. “He’s not only hurt himself, but she worries he’s hurting his kids with this stuff,” they explained. “No matter what, she would never keep their kids from him, but she just wishes he would start making better choices and respond instead of reacting to situation.”

Another source close reiterated how Kim wants to try to separate herself from the rapper. “She can never shut him out of her life but she also knows that she cannot support a man who makes such horrific racist comments that hurt so many of her closest friends,” they said.

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