Korra Obidi Hints On Tasting Nigerian Men After Failed Marriage With Caucasian

Korra Obidi, a well-known dancer working in the US, has disclosed her ambitions to date Nigerian guys after her failed marriage to a Caucasian.

This was revealed by the contentious dancer on Monday during a question-and-answer session on her social media.

Remember, Dean, the dancer’s husband who lives in the US, announced their separation in April, just a few days after the couple delivered their second kid.

The couple is close to completing their divorce after repeatedly exchanging harsh words with one another after their separation.

Speaking about the divorce, a curious fan inquired of the dancer if it is being finalized.

‘The fan said: “First want to say, love your music. That being said, “My question is to you, is your divorce finalized?”

Which she replied negative, ”Still in the process.”

She, however, then wondered if she’ll be able to deal with Nigerian men since ‘Oyibo’ did not work out.

”Which Nigerian man can stand my choices? Even Oyibo Japa.”

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