Korra Obidi Said Her Daughters Are Free To Wear Anything They Want

For Nigerian-American dancer Korra Obidi, her daughters are free to wear anything they want.

The mother of two revealed this while answering a fan’s question.

The fan had questioned if the divorcee would agree that her daughters dress like her.

“I don’t mean to upset u, I luv u, but will you agree that your daughters wear what you’re wearing?”

Replying to him, Korra stated that her daughters can wear whatever they want when they are adults.

She added, that anyone who tries to dictate to them their mode of dressing will be a ‘heinously foolish scoundrel’.

“When they are adults, they can wear whatever they want, and whoever tries to tell them how to dress will be a heinously foolish scoundrel. Freedom of Expression!”.

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