Lionel Messi's PSG Signing To Go To Court

Paris Saint-Germain continues to be plagued by problems. After Kylian Mbappe’s desire to leave the club, they are now facing a legal problem.

The European Court will consider whether the signing of Lionel Messi by PSG violated UEFA’s financial fair play rules in 2021.

A complaint from France.

This situation has been brought about by a group of fans who belong to a Barcelona supporters’ group in Lyon.

As a result, a chamber of the European Court in Luxembourg will have to examine whether the signing of Messi by PSG breached financial fair play next Tuesday.

The supporters consider it “a success” that the complaint has ended up in court, as their lawyer Juan Branco points out, although this does not guarantee anything.

The truth is that, although Messi’s signing was as a free transfer, the salary of the former Barcelona player (40 million euros this season) is what has caused this whole situation.

Another problem for PSG.

This legal issue regarding Messi comes at the worst time for PSG, as right now there is a tense atmosphere due to Mbappe’s alleged desire to leave the team in January.

The truth is that Messi is having a good season in France, and although no new details of this complaint will be known until next week, PSG will be worried from 09:30 on Tuesday when the investigation begins.

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