Man Burns, Falls And Dies After Climbing A High-Tension Pole

An unidentified man has killed himself in Kasoa after climbing a high-tension pole and getting himself electrocuted in the process.

Prior to his tragic death, the yet-to-be-identified gentleman who is a resident of Kasoa was caught on video climbing to the very end of a high-tension pole, leading to his death.

Although the people around tried to convince him to get down but their pleas fell on deaf ears because he was determined to end his life once and for all.

When he got to the end of the pole, he was electrocuted, meeting his untimely death.

Although the Police were on sight, nothing was done to save the gentleman’s life.

Commentary surrounding the video claims that the gentleman had gotten tired of the current economic hardship thereby taking his own life to end it all.

Click on this LINK to watch the video

Below are how some Ghanaians on Twitter have reacted to the tragic incident.

@1957 Rick wrote – The determination to die was wild…. If he channeled that into something else, he might have succeeded in life.

@EdieKH wrote – The country really dey cause depression hmm Boys dey go through am

@Jaycanflows wrote – I hate that the people there said they should leave him to die like it a joke or something this only happens in africa

@Belko official wrote – Listen to the jokes in the background. This is the reality for most depressed men. Even at the verge of his death you hear people trying to make it funny. Why? Because he’s a man

@AbiamakaGH – Mental health education should be part of our basic education. Some of the background comments just heartbreaking than everything

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