“My Father Abandoned Us When I Was Just 6 Years Old” : Felicia Osei Reveals

TikTok star and now TV show host, Felicia Osei has emotionally recounted how her father abandoned her family and siblings when she was just 6 years old.

As narrated by Felicia Osei who still can’t erase the painful memory from her mind, her father left the house, as usual, to get some groceries for the family but never returned.

After almost 10 years of his mysterious disappearance, he finally returned home the year she completed SHS.

The former teacher claims that by the time her father returned, the family had already chosen their own paths, making it challenging to accept him back into the family.

The comedienne claimed that she and her siblings were forced to go by the last name of their mother, Osei because of her father’s unwarranted cold attitude.

Felicia Osei made all these emotional revelations during an interview with Delay on her Delay show program.

She additionally revealed how she respects the ace TV presnter and wants to remain relevant in the showbiz industry even after decades of making her first appearance on TV.

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