Osinachi: Trial Resumes As Music Producer Explains Why Late Singer ‘Had No Money’

Peter, the husband of the late gospel singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu, on Tuesday resumed trial at the Abuja High Court.

Mr Nwachukwu is being prosecuted by the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation on charges of domestic violence and homicide.

Recall, on Friday, July 15, the court adjourned the trial of Mr Nwachukwu to October 11(11 am), 13(11 am), and 14(9 am).

Justice Njideka. K Nwosu-Iheme approved the next date of trial after his children testified before her, behind the shield and with journalists barred from covering it.

On Tuesday, October 11, the prosecution lawyer, Yewande Gbola Awopeta, listed Adetunji Moses, a musician, keyboardist, music teacher and music producer as one of its witnesses.

The music producer narrated before the court that the late singer had no money despite ministrations locally and internationally.

He said as the late singer’s producer and team lead, she told him that all monies and honorarium went into her husband’s bank account.

According to him, Mrs Osinachi was a worship leader in Dunamis, characterized by spirit-filled worship and a humble spirit.

Moses explained that at one time, Osinachi told him she had an ulcer but “had no money with her” to buy “Gestid” – a medication for an ulcer.

Moses said;

“The blessings and honorarium in cash are all paid to Mr Peter Nwachukwu’s bank account.”

“She then brought her ATM, we both checked and there was no money in her account,” he added.

He continued, ” I know Mr Peter Nwachukwu in our church, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Area, Abuja.

“He approached me around September 2018 that he wanted me to play the keyboard for his late wife, Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu. That is how I got to know about him.

“After I agreed to work with her, we began to go to programs, locally and internationally.

“I was her keyboardist and Personal Assistant as commanded by Mr Peter Nwachukwu.

“In 2018, we travelled to House on the Rock, Enugu, the people that invited us told us that Mr Peter said no visitors should come and see his wife and that he does not want disturbance in the hotel.”

Moses said he got to know that the family of the late Mrs Osinachi resides in Enugu State, adding that the invitation that nobody should visit the hotel was to disallow his in-laws from meeting with her.

The producer said the accused told him that he believed that the family members come around to hinder her ministry and to shut the door of blessings to his family.

“I did all I could to ensure that nobody visited Osinachi in the hotel.

“When we got back to Abuja, he then told me the reason why he does not want any visitor to visit Osinachi.

“In his word, I quote, there is a soul tie between Osinachi, between my wife and her twin sister and he wants to disconnect and he does not want the two of them to minister together as twin sisters thereby depriving both of them a privilege of relationship,” he said.

He said Osinachi ‘s crew met Mr Peter for an increase in their pay based on the agreement that he would pay according to the blessing of God to the ministry.

According to him, Peter refused to increase their pay because there was a lockdown at the time, and there were not plenty of invites.

During cross-examination by Peter’s lawyer, A.I. Aliyu, the music producer was asked if he was aware of the sickness that Osinachi suffered from but responded he was not aware.

The music producer was asked whether he stated before the Nigeria Police that he didn’t understand the Igbo language being communicated between the deceased and her husband.

The producer denied saying such.

Aliyu maintained that the producer was angry at Peter because he was not paying him as expected.

Again, he denied it and was subsequently discharged from the dock.

Osinachi died on April 8, her colleagues and family members had accused Peter of maltreating her, leading to her death. She was buried amid tears in her hometown of Isochi Umunneochi in Abia State on Saturday, June 25, 2022.

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