Our Priests And Nuns Hide To Watch Online Porn : The Pope Complains

Pope Francis has sadly revealed that some priests and nuns who cannot control themselves resort to watching online pornography.

Pope Francis continued to caution priests and nuns about the risks of pornographic viewing at a meeting at the Vatican.

Speaking on the risks of using social media and digital platforms, Pope Francis stated that pornography is a vice that many people, even nuns and priests, have. He added that this vice not only weakens the priestly heart but also lets “devils enter.”

Pope gave advice on how to use social media and the digital world effectively and avoid wasting too much time there.

He declared, “This pornographic knowledge cannot be received by the pure heart, the one that Jesus receives every day. Even telling them to “remove this from your phone so you won’t have temptation in hand,” he gave the group advice.

“Each of you considers if you have encountered or been tempted by digital porn. It’s a vice that so many people, including priests and nuns, as well as laymen and women, have, remarked Francis.

“And I’m not just talking about illegal pornography like child abuse, where you witness live incidents of abuse – that’s already degeneracy,” he continued. “I’m talking about the more ‘regular’ pornography.”

The most recent time he did so was in June when he described pornography as “a persistent attack on the dignity of men and women” and argued that it should be classified as a “danger to public health.”

According to Roman Catholic teaching, pornography is an offence against chastity.

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