Shatta Wale Accused Of Copying Burna Boy After Releasing ‘Cash Out’

Shatta Wale’s release of his latest single ‘Cash Out’ has been met with reactions of disappointment from netizens who have accused him of infringement.

Some followers of the dancehall musician deem the song as an exact copy of rival Burna Boy’s hit song “Last Last”, which he seemingly reproduced to sound different.

One particular fan who made an interesting observation of both songs concluded that:

“Gbenabu is trying to copy Burnaboy’s style oo eiii. His new song ‘Cash Out’ sounds exactly like Burna Boy’s song last last [sic]”.

Shatta Wale’s ‘Cash Out’ is from his much-anticipated upcoming Gift of God (GOG) Album.

The song was released on 17 October 2022, which also the musician’s 38th birthday.

After the release, music lovers have shared their varying impressions but many appear to point out to the similarities in it shares with Burna Boys heartbreak song.

Listen to the two songs placed side by side below and be the judge.

Worthy to note that Shatta Wale, earlier this year, launched an unprovoked attack on Burna Boy in one of his social media feud with Nigerian artistes.

Their beef escalated to a degree where they exposed each other’s secrets and threatened to get physical.

Ironically, Shatta Wale made a U-turn and tried to reconcile with Burna Boy in August after witnessing the African Giant’s international success but the latter showed not interest.

Fans mock shatta

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