Sidechick Who Was Hit By Wife With A Piece Of A Broken Bottle On The Face Reportedly Dies

Over the weekends, a video that went viral on social media captured two women fighting in the parking lot of Marriot Hotel over a man.

Commentary that surrounded the video alleged that the wife of the man was given a tip off by a family friend who gave her the exact location of where her husband and side his chick were chilling.

The wife sped off to the place and upon confrontation, exchanged insults with the side chick who claimed she was innocent.

The angry wife who was not ready to listen to any of of the excuses of the side shick broke a glass bottle and used a piece of it to damage the face of the side chick which led to serouls bleeding.

They were later separated by the hotel’s security and other people.

Well, it’s sad to report that the side chick who was injured while exchanging words with her sugar daddy’s wife is dead.

This sad information was published by an insider who sneaked into the DMs of one of the popular IG bloggers to give her an account of what happened after the fight.

According to the poster, the lady is dead and the wife of the man has been pinned as a suspect tyargted for arrest.

Watch below.

We will update you on any future developing of this tragic story. Stay tuned for more.

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