Van Vicker Celebrates 19th Wedding Anniversary In Style

Joseph van Vicker, better known as Van Vicker has taken to social media to share a video of himself singing Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wing’ song in celebration of his 19th wedding anniversary.

The Star Actor and his wife have been married for 19 years. Van Vicker’s wife is not only beautiful but possesses some very great features her husband always boosts off.

Vicker in the video shared happily sang the song amid showing some cute photos of his wife to the camera from a different phone as an indication that he loves his wife even though she was not around him.

Captioning his post he wrote; Today is my 19th wedding anniversary. Do wish me congratulations by liking, sharing, dueting & or stiching cos y’all know 28yrs of love and friendship is not chicken change, hahahahah. ‘Flying Without Wings’ is OUR song, I want to re-enact 16th Oct, 2003. #vanvicker #wedding #anniversary #relationship #loyalty #life #marriage #19 #m#usic #westlife #flyingwithoutwings #vanvictox #loyalty

Watch below.

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