Woman Beats 3-Year-Old Child To Death

The heart of man is incredibly evil and there’s no doubt about it. A woman has been arrested after she beat a 3-year-old to death and then dumped the body in a bush in Anambra state in Nigeria.

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), Anambra Command, arrested the woman after which she confessed to the crime.

The woman took NAPTIP officials to the bush where she buried the child.

Speaking in Igbo, she said: “I beat her and she started convulsing so I took her to Kings (hospital). Getting there, she died, so I threw her body here.”

The child’s body was already decomposing in the video shared online.

The woman will be charged in court and assuredly jailed for committing such a heinous crime.

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