“You Made Me A Millionaire,” : Rita Daniels Appreciates Her Daughter Regina Daniels

Nollywood star Rita Daniels has showered admiration on her lovely daughter, Regina Daniels, who she said made her wealthy. On October 11, 2022, Rita Daniels treated her daughter, Regina, to a surprise birthday dinner.

This was expressed on Regina Daniels’ birthday when her mother decided to spoil her with presents and affection. She was seen embracing her child and thanking her for everything she had done for her in the video.

“Thank you so much for your support, for not allowing me to go down. She made me the first millionaire mother and I am proud to be called your millionaire mother. Your children will honor you as you have honored me. Thank you”, she said.

Before saying this, Rita had posted an emotional message to mark her daughter’s birthday.

“D day is bright and beautiful. I can hear d sounds of the birds singing, and can feel the dews drizzling. I can feel a gentle touch blessing the world and I can hear a still voice saying a queen is born today. When I woke up in my deepest sleep I saw all my dreams come true. It is a day singled out for signs and wonders only because an apple of God’s eyes is sent to the IImysingledIIIworld.”

To conquer, to save, to deliver, and to set the captives free. Thank God I am the mother of these blessings. Words can’t express how I feel today. All I have to say is thank you JESUS. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETNESS…. SHINE FORTH DAUGHTER OF ZION” She wrote.


Rita further disclosed that her daughter’s determination and work ethic were the reasons she initially became a millionaire and that she has never experienced need as a result of her daughter.

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