An Insider Snitched On Her To The Feds/UK Authorities To Be Arrested : Blogger Goes Deep Into Hajia4Real’s Arrest


Hajia4Real, Ghanaian socialite and singer, has been trending on the internet for the past 24 hours, but on the wrong note.

The "Badder Than" singer was reportedly arrested in the United Kingdom yesterday for her alleged involvement in a $8 million fraud in the United States.

She is said to have been placed on a 'Red Notice' in the United States. Her detention in the United Kingdom is said to be a joint operation of both countries' security services.

Hajia4Real visited the United Kingdom in October for the Ghana Music Awards UK 2022, but has yet to return.

The latest development has sparked debate in Ghana's digital space, particularly on Twitter, where users have weighed in on the trending news.

In response to all of this, award-winning Ghanaian entertainment blogger and celebrity critic Samuel Clement Enoku claimed on his Facebook page that it was someone in Hajia4Real's inner circle who snitched on her and caused her to be arrested.

According to the founder of The Gossip Scoop, it's not just Hajia4Real who engages in fraudulent activities - because he has it on good authority that many of our well-known celebrities also work with internet fraudsters to fund their extravagant lifestyles.

A part of Samuel Clement Enoku’s Facebook post concerning Hajia4Real’s unanticipated arrest reads;

And on Hajia4Reall’s alleged arrest in the UK, I’m told it’s someone in her inner circle who snitched on her to the Feds/UK authorities for her to be arrested!

Today it’s Hajia4Reall, tomorrow it could be your favorite Ghanaian musician. Again, they’re all directly or indirectly involved in fraud!“.

Hajia4Real is yet to officially speak about her arrest because she’s currently in the grips of the FEDs trying her possible best to get released through her lawyers.

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