Bongo Ideas Accosts Fella Makafui Online, Forces Her To Admit To Lying


Social media critic Bongo Ideas locked horns with actress Fella Makafui on social media and called her out for lying.

This came after Fella Makafui posted a picture of a car on social media with a caption that suggested that he acquired the car.

Fella Makafui shared photos of herself in a Chevrolet Corvette with the caption: “worth every headache. The caption implied that he owned the car.

No sooner had she shared the post than Bongo Ideas called her out for lying. According to him, Fella Makafui does not own the car, which she posted as though it were hers.

Bongo Ideas replied to her tweet by writing, “Everybody knows you don’t own that car.”

Moments thereafter, Bongo Ideas went on to his page and posted an evidential post to prove that Fella Makafui does not win the car she had posted.

According to Bongo’s post, the car belongs to KellyB Motors. Fella Makafui most probably went to take photos and share them on social media.

Bongo Ideas called out Fella Makafui for living a fake life and admonished others to be careful about her.

Fella Makafui does not own the Lambo she just flaunted. It is owned by one KellyB. Don’t fall for her fake life, she borrowed it for a shoot.

Subsequently, Fella Makafui admitted to the fact that the car was not hers and that she only posted it.

She wrote: The last time I checked, i did not tell you the car is mine. REST !


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