Cara Delevingne Shares Details Of Her Wild Sex Life Which Includes Going To Lesbian Sex Clubs, Having Lift Sex With A Stranger, Addiction To Porn And Others In New Documentary


Millionaire supermodel, Cara Delevingne has shared details of her wild sex life in a raunchy six-part series Planet Sex, which airs on BBC3 on Thursday, December 1.


In the documentary, the model who previously described herself as “bisexual” and “pansexual”, opened up about her own sexual experiences along the way.


Cara was seen taking part in a masturbation class, having an orgasm in a lab ‘"for science", and snogging other women at a female-only sex club.


She said; 


“I had to strip back everything I've ever learned and just be myself, which is very energetic, inquisitive, curious and vulnerable.

“I felt like I knew so much about what was happening, what the stats were or what the general consensus was of people around the world, but I realised I knew way less than I thought about everyone else and also way less about myself.”

 Cara, whose exes include Harry Styles, actress Ashley Benson and singer St Vincent had also previously revealed that she didn't lose her virginity until she was 18. She also said she supressed her bisexuality while growing up. Her idea of romance was reportedly formed by Disney princesses.


Also sharing details of her masturbation journey, she said; 


“That was part of the thing where I never really wanted to accept my sexuality, because I was like, Disney princesses all love men.

"That’s the way it is. And I’m not gonna be a princess if I don’t.

“I didn’t know it was anything sexual, it was more like, ‘this feels good’.

“Why would I not touch there to feel better about life? It just made sense. But I think there is a fear about women touching themselves.”


On her bisexual side, she had previously said; 


“The way I define myself still changes all the time, whether it’s pansexual, bisexual – I don’t really know.

“It’s like a pendulum swinging, but almost now I feel far more comfortable being bisexual than I used to.”


When asked whether she prefers sex with women or men, Cara was characteristically frank, saying:


“That's so tricky, especially when you have sex with men and women. Like group sex is also fun. I don't know, it's hard to decide.

“I feel like women have sex for a lot longer.”

 She had also revealed that she had sex with a stranger in a lift. Cara said; 


“I've had one one-night stand when I was a lot younger but I remember the spontaneity of it.

“The person I was with, we were playing music for three hours. I was on the drums, he was on the guitar and then we swapped.

“Then he was going to drive me home and we had sex in the elevator.

"I mean it was so sexy. It was amazing. It's not that I didn't like him, I had met him that day or whatever and was like, ‘this is crazy’”.


On her addiction to porn, the model admitted that she watched porn from a young age and couldn’t climax without it.


She said; 


“I couldn’t come without it for a long time until a couple of years ago, when I started trying to masturbate without it and it was hard. Without a sex toy too.

“I never watched porn with my partners. Porn was my sex secret and in a way it made me have a lot less respect and a way worse sexual relationship with myself.

“Was I addicted to porn? I didn’t watch it every day but I didn’t need to have an orgasm every day. But I need to watch it to have one so I think that in its own way is an addiction.”


Cara said she stopped watching porn when she realised the image of sex it portrayed was harmful. 


She said;


“Porn gives young people a skewed view of how sex and intimacy should be.

“I was completely desensitised by the porn I watched. I definitely wouldn’t have done a lot of things if I hadn’t watched porn, and I definitely regretted that afterwards.”


While making the documentary, Cara met Erika Lust, an indie porn director who makes adult films based on female desires and consent.


She watched as women and men made a film based on her own sexual fantasy - a Seventies sex party.


The model said; 


“I've seen a lot of porn. But that was amazing, especially in the sense of like, ‘Oh, wow, they're actually good at sex.’ In most porn, they’re not.

“For me I think porn is lacking the female voice. Even the lesbian porn is directed by men for men.

“I was happy to see sex represented the way it is in real life. If I’d seen that as a teenager I’d have felt more respected and asked for what I wanted as a woman a lot more.

“The first time I asked a man for what I actually wanted was this year - I’m 29 years old and that’s insane.”


The model also went to an all-female Skirt Club in Los Angeles, where "curious” women can indulge in group sex with others.

Cara was nervous at first, but loosens up as the night goes on. She was spotted having drinking tequila shots from a club member’s mouth and having her buttocks stroked with a silk whip.


She teases: “What happened next? That will be the only mystery of this film.”


She also takes part in a masturbation masterclass, which she calls the “bravest thing I’ve ever done”, but admits she feels “shame” about her own body. She said;


“I only once spent like an hour making love to myself, touching every part of my body. I cried.

“I haven't used my hand to touch myself for so long because I feel so much shame around my vagina. Like, ‘My vagina is not like other girls’ I’ve slept with.’”


In the first episode of the series, the model-turned-actor investigates the “Orgasm Gap” after finding that 95 per cent of men and only 65 per cent of women climax during intercourse.


Cara bravely puts herself up for an experiment in a German University hospital, where a blood is taken before and after she pleasures herself to climax. “I’m going to donate my orgasm to science,” she tells viewers.


Afterwards, she is told that her orgasm has led to an increase of the feelgood hormones endocannabinoids, described as the “body’s own cannabis” which relieves stress and and creates the feeling of “being high”.


Talking about orgasm in a previous interview, Cara said; 


‘It’s way more interesting if you have an orgasm and you don’t, because I remember after being conditioned to think, “This is the noise that people make.”

“I remember stopping making any noise or trying to really maintain it and it’s so hot when you just try and not make any noise and feel it way more. It’s like, 'whoa!'”


Having dated men in the early years of her career, Cara began seeing women in 2014, embarking on a rumoured fling with Miley Cyrus before romancing Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez.


She went on to a two year relationship with singer St Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, who she said was her first “real love”, then dated actress Ashley Benson for two years from 2016 to 2018.


More recently she was linked to singer Minke.

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